Thursday, June 16, 2011

Repair a Trampoline

The neighbors gave my family a trampoline. Eight of the hooks had ripped off, so a huge gap was preventing the trampoline from being safe. They gave us five straps with corresponding metal triangles, and all eight of the springs to hook it back on, should we be able to sew the hooks on.

Well, armed with a stout needle, some eight pound test fishing line, and much determination, I managed to get the thing back in working order. I also found three round metal rings to replace the missing triangular metal things and cut some spare web strapping off an old piece of gear.

The grand kids love it. No throwing this trampoline out. Its still got some good years left.

I think we all can learn survival skills like sewing and basic repair by practicing on daily needs.


  1. My wife does all the sewing here. She is very handy with mending things, but I don't think she ever fixed anything like a trampoline. That was an accomplishment!

  2. What's a stout needle? And where can I get one? Thanks

  3. Its a strong, thick one, not a brand, just a needle meant for thick fabrics. You can get one at Walmart, I think.

  4. where can i get the mat material to sew it back on so i can then hook the spings back on?