Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kindle for Computers

A friend turned me onto Kindle at

She wrote two books about Yellowstone and showed me how I could download kindle free for my pc and then have books delivered directly to my computer. I can then read them at will and keep them forever on my hard drive. No worries about clutter, post office fees, or delivery charges.

Betsy E. Judson wrote Visit Yellowstone Park, A Bison Led Tour of the Geyser Basin, and Volume two, A Bison -Led Tour Along the Yellowstone River.

Both have photos on every page of wildlife, flowers, and gorgeous scenery. She tells the story in rhyming verse with a large vocabulary. I was amazed at how well it read aloud because she uses words for the educated person.

"Now Bart's spindly legs, all sinewy muscles
Spin a three sixty and propel as he hustles
Up ancient trails, and through wildlife mazes
that run through forest marked by buffalo blazes"
on page 4 of volume two with accompanying photo is an example of the artful method Betsy uses.

Check out Kindle for Pcs if you get a chance.
Yellowstone National Bison Led Geyser E-Book by Betsy E. Judson


  1. I decided to try adding my books too, Arsenius. Its not hard to do, and as the sole author you get a nice royalty.