Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Love Andy for A Laugh In Time has some hilarious stuff. When the country is in such a mess, its good to run over to Andy's page and have a good laugh.

If a person didn't know better, they would think some of these headlines are actually true:

Obama Says We're Not Deserting Afghanistan, We Promise to Follow on Twitter

70% of Existing Marriages May Already Be Gay

I watch the news and wonder about these nuclear plants in eminent danger. Our officials are telling us not to worry. Interviews with the general public show they're not buying it, however.
As the mandatory evacuation is underway in New Mexico, lines of cars backed up as the people leave their homes, I can only wonder what happens if there is no gas left to leave? What if you're on empty?

What if you're one of the those who are waiting for a paycheck to buy gas, food, or put some cash in your pocket? How do you evacuate then?
Of course, they say this plastic dome protecting the nuclear waste is not in danger of failure.
Haven't we heard this kind of stuff before?
Did they tell New Orleans the levy wouldn't break? With a hurricane bearing down, and plenty of notice, yet it seems that town was caught with it's pants down.

Then, evacuation to the sports center. Those who remember those dark days say they'd never go to a facility like that, never.
Personally, I'd live in the woods, in a tent.

We saw the Japanese refugees from the horrific earthquake-tsunami disaster dividing the space with cardboard and boxes. Everyone needs respect and space, a semblance of order, of personal control even in small measures.

Look online and see if you can find news on Japan's ongoing crisis. I read the fish is being given in foreign aid, the people are recording 3 millisiervents in the their urine. This is scary stuff.

I started to wonder  how close I live to a nuclear plant. What possible natural disaster could bring disaster to my doorstep? Would I be ready to participate in a mandatory evacuation? Do I keep my tank full, cash in my pocket, the car loaded with survival stuff like food, clothing, a shelter?

Some would say a gun, water, and money is the most important stuff for evacuation.
Question: if they evacuate a huge city, might refugees come looking in my neck of the woods for a safe haven?

Time and again we see that governments can not save the people in danger. They issue warnings, chase looters, punish the corporations whose inadequate safe guards have brought us to loss of life, economics and home.

Japan's nuclear disaster began with two natural disasters. It can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. The fatal flaw is always underestimating nature, and over estimating our own abilities to handle it.

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  1. I have two upwind of me, some 50 miles distant. Never knew it until I was bragging about not having to worry on the issue after the Japanese disaster, and one of my brothers emailed me a map and said "that's what you think." They build them after I moved here and I never heard about it.