Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Neighborhood Bear

This amazing photo was taken from the trail cam in the study area. His paws caught our attention.

Seems he has more growing to do to fill those paws.

Naturalists tell us that studying the predators and larger species help to determine the overall health of the eco system in an area.
The bears and wild hogs seem to be doing quite well.
The wild turkeys have their broods running around and there are plenty of squirrel. Deer are sighted fairly often.

I think the bumper crop of acorns last fall are still providing food.
My mountain garden is growing too. So far, no evidence of wild animals feeding in it.

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  1. Years ago, we had an old sowe and her two cubs take up residence at our place. I had little kids then. I shot over the bears head, she couldn't have cared less. I finally had to call the forest service and they came out and trapped her and the babies in a "catch em unharmed" trap. I had thought of her as benign and really a harmless old girl, but when that trap door came down she turned into a monster. It really rattled me to see the power she actually had, and those claws and teeth were impressive. The Forestas hauled them off up north and let them go in a huge national forest where they would not bother or be bothered by people.