Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everything Except Corn Pasta-My New Book

My Garcia Bear Canister weighs 2 pounds 11 ounces, and can hold 7 days of food, if done right.

In my new book, I have a list and the method on how to do this. I've used one of these things in Montana. My hiking partner and I called them "the gorilla" because of how heavy they were and how hard to just strap one on to a pack. I ended up using my external frame and placing it inside the pack itself.

This is a photo of me crossing Lyle Creek on the Pacific Crest Trail. It's being used for the book cover. Even E-Books need Covers!
Today the book is being uploaded to Kindle at Amazon.com.
Everything Except Corn Pasta

In the book I've included lots of trail recipes, recipes for making goodies at home, and tricks for making delicious food while backpacking. I use economical ingredients and have a whole chapter on dehydrating everything from fruits to meats and making "leathers".

Also included are tons of trail stories, photos, and how to make your own backpackers cook set.
These and many more tips all come in handy for the survivalist because it builds on skills and knowledge the creative and thrifty person wants to learn.

The ISBN number for this e-book is: 0-9728154-1-4


  1. Do you think you might publish a paper book someday? I don't do "on line" books but I'd like to read yours.

  2. Yes, Arsenius, I published my first book in 2003. It was a limited edition, and is a collectors item now. I decided to offer it as an ebook too, called, My Journey to Freedom and Ultralight Backpacking.

    There is a way to print these ebooks via another company, but I haven't figured them out yet. Will post when I do.

    You may decide to write an ebook, Arsenius.

  3. Oh, I'll never write a book. Too old and too afraid of rejection! I do my blog and that's the extent of my abilities, I'm afraid. I used to write for Modern Survival webzine and I enjoyed that, but these days I seem to lack the energy to be a writer. I'd like to read both your books. If you learn how to print them out please let me know how. Maybe you could get them published as a book. Apartment Prepper just published a book, lot's of people are in the community these days.