Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Key Lessons to Never Forget

As I thought about our bushwhack and hike on Monday, I remembered some key lessons I nearly forgot.
People tend to get into trouble, get lost, get hurt, when they over estimate their abilities and underestimate Mother Nature.

When a person is hiking with a new friend, there's a tendency to compete on some level. You hear it all the time, one up man ship stories, one up man ship communing with nature, one up man ship endurance.

Hard to say, Slow down, or I'm not comfortable with that decision.
Seems I always get fronted with the "not bad for a girl" attitude. Or when I get accused of being afraid, there's a part of me that wants to list my adventures, proving I'm not your average "girl".

The other part of me knows I have nothing to prove.
 In the end you find no one wins and the race was only with yourself. So take the path of your own choosing and be not dismayed if no one leads, or follows.-This anonymous quote really helps me when I must break paths, and trust my instincts.

A key lesson to remember is we are mortals. Always stay with a true landmark when disoriented. If the map is not jiving with your trail, you are not where you think you are.
This is the time to start over, and read the land as it is, not as we wish it were.

I love survival stuff.
Tonight will be another adventure.

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  1. Maybe you are overly sensitive about your gender. I honestly don't think that many men today are patronizing towards women. My generation may have been to some extent, but not my sons.