Monday, May 23, 2011

First Serious Grand Teton Hike-Griz Prints

Today I went on an amazing hike with a new friend from Maine. He works security here in the park.
Nine a.m we headed to Colter Bay where we began a hike to Swan Lake. Some snow covered the trail, but we're both fine with getting our feet into that.
Heading towards Lake Heron, we came across some huge fresh tracks. I loved it, and took footage.
Bear scratching on the tree were only at about four feet, telling me a small bear was in the vicinity.
We saw many geese, duck, sand hill crane, wolf prints and snow banks five feet tall.
One thing led to another and I surrendered the navigation to my friend, but resumed leadership when things just did not jive. We were prepared with bear spray, water, and emergency items, but staying out all night was not an option.
After walking the shores for an hour, we came to Mackinaw Lake Camp II, complete with bear boxes. Later we would see that we had gone out to an island much further than intended.
Finally,the shore walking paid off when we saw the Marina. We ate at the Employee Dining Room at Colter Bay, both elated with the grand adventure.

A good day off is one filled with satisfaction.

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  1. No need to worry about bears provided you can run faster than your friend. But if he's faster, then it's a problem.