Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Love My Job in the Tetons

I didn't go crazy.  This is the first time  I can say I LOVE my job.

That alone is worth a lot of other grief, be it snoring room mates, broken showers and compromises on room temperatures and sporadic Internet access.

Each work day, I arrive, put on my clean long apron, and begin baking. The chef has  determined that I am the official Bread Baker, and has even assigned me an assistant a couple times a week.
I make breads from scratch, corn muffins, fococcia, lavash (which is a spicy cracker) and various other rolls.
Our shapes are all important, the presentation must be consistent and eye candy.

But if that's not enough, across the ample stainless steel table, or along the butcher block work spaces,
culinary graduates are making pastries, granola, dipping strawberries in chocolate, creating tempting morsels of delight for the upcoming banquets.
All this of course must be trimmed, tasted, wrapped and analyzed by the fortunate crew who work in this abundant space. The chef is patient and teaches us something new every day.

I've worked in kitchens a fourth that size with twice the people .
There is equipment I've never worked with before, like the pastry sheeter, and the ball roller. We have a huge closet just for warming doughs, and the refrigeration is spacious.
Gotta love a well appointed kitchen, and a staff that actually doesn't want to leave! Our uniforms are washed for us, they are white chef coats and checkered pants. Mine actually fit.
Did I fall into employment heaven?
The down side is housing, but we deal. Our back yard is amazing, the Grand Tetons just south of Yellowstone National Park.

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  1. Finding a job today of any kind is an accomplishment. Finding one you like is amazing.