Saturday, April 23, 2011

What About the Drugs?

Pharmaceuticals are important in daily life.
Its really nice to take some benydryl or ibuprofen when needed.

But, what happens when TEOTWAWKI or SHTF comes? How does a person amass all the drugs they may be currently taking, to last for X number of months or years?
I haven't read many ideas on this and my plan is pretty radical. I am not a health professional, so the ideas here are strictly from a lay person with observation and research skills. Consult your doctor, the writer of this blog is not liable for any decisions you may make after reading this blog.

I read Americans watch 30 hours of commercials each year for prescription drugs. Many of these commercials peddle remedies for weight control, depression, erectile disfunction, female issues, anxiety, high blood pressure, diabetics, cholestrol control. The law does not require drug companies to tell us what the success rate of these drugs are or if we can avoid them all together by life style change. The possible side effects are rattled off so quickly, the visual of happy couples and people regaining health after taking said drugs are very potent.

How strange that we're also bombarded with commercials from lawyers pleading with us to call them if we've had any adverse effects from these drugs.
What if we could get away from drugs, completely? In preparation for survival and emergency situations, we're advised to have all medications on hand. There are shelf lives to this stuff, and so people on drugs are at a disadvantage in the long haul.

Studies show that if we adopt a healthy life style and a seriously responsible approach to our own well being, many drugs can be eliminated.

Next time you go to the doctor, ask how you can get off the high blood pressure meds. Loose weight? Exercise? Get rid of that competitive stress? Eat some fruits and veggies, avoid red meat and pastries?

Quit smoking is the first and best economical move for a survivalist.
Get in shape by loosing weight, and exercising. Fresh air is your friend.
Drink lots of water, good old tap water. Dehydration is a killer, chemicals in processed drinks can be avoided all together.

I'm pretty radical, I know. Last time I was at the doctor, the nurse was amazed I didn't take any meds or herbal rememdies. When my blood work is done, I request a copy and take serious inventory of its contents. With so many great online sites, a person can research any medical concerns and get information that your health provider may not even be aware of. has a wealth of information,
and even just doing a google search.

Bottom line is to take control of your health, reduce and rethink medications with your doctors help, by choosing natural healthy life style.

Eliminating obesity and smoking are necessary steps, the sooner the better.

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