Monday, April 25, 2011

Dandelions are Edible!

I've heard about dandelions for a long time. Supposedly full of iron, wine makers love the yellow flowers.

I harvested quite a handful of greens. The stems are too bitter for my taste, so I took just the leaves.
History buffs teach us this plant was actually brought over from England by the first settlers as a spring crop. Its very early bloomer and grows even in gravel. I should know, that's where I got mine.
Check out wikipedia for more information :

Anyways, back on the "farm", after harvesting a goodly handful, I washed them, sprayed them with the typical vegetable sanitizer (one drop of bleach in a quart of water), and rinsed them.

Heating a couple tablespoons of canola oil in a cast iron pan, I sauteed them, and served them with rice, red beans, onions and corn tortillas. Salsa on the side, it made a nice green garnish.

I admit, raw is not near as flavorful as sauteed.
I love finding organic edibles that grow wild.

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