Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Confession of Lost Addict

Hi, my name is Brawny, and I'm an addict.
I had heard about this series, but only watched one, years ago, at a friends. Season three I think. There were commercials. I wasn't into it. Too weird.

Now we got NetFlicks. You can watch all 100 episodes back to back if you like, no commercials.

Commercials are for taking a pee break, grabbing a cup of coffee, shutting windows. Never watch a commercial unless its super cute. Loving those Gieco kids. I watch those every time.

Back to Lost.

Who knew? We got hooked in the first season. You can't help loving the main characters. Their back stories are interspersed with the current drama. Series of disasters keep the 43 minutes of each episode flying. Of course, with netflicks, you can pause it, back wind it (did he say he hated his father?)
and play it over again.

Yeah, well, I keep reading the next episodes description, and can't go to bed. So far we've watched 51 out of the hundred. All other programing must wait.

Not to give too much away, but between Sawyer and Jack, if I were Kate, not sure which one I'd base a future on. Right now she's sitting on the fence and enjoying the best of both worlds, but this is a family show.

No swearing, no nudity, some nice kisses, some fighting and murder, but that would probably be rated PG.

It's got twists and turns and I admit I find myself yelling at the screen"No! don't turn your back on that Other!" or "Why don't you split up the work load, you dunce?" and "Oh sure, you just happen to have the right antibiotics."

I think they used to call it Johnny Come Lately, or Been There Done That, but if you haven't watched Lost, try it. Interesting psychological drama, and I wonder whose dream, nightmare, or mental illness may be inducing the torture inflicted on various humans on The Island.

I'm pondering the applications as a survivalist. They seem to have an inordinate amount of tarps and medicines to make life easier. They prefer living on the beach to caves or The Amazing Survival Bunker with all the comforts of home. The weapondry, in spite of the leaders best efforts, have been spread around until you never know who will come up with a loaded glock.

People die, are buried, the good, the bad and the pretty. Doesn't matter. Some we hated anyways, they had it coming. Some we still misss. Its rumored only the good die young, but I'm not buying that line anymore.

If you've seen the end,please don't tell me.

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