Friday, March 18, 2011

Gear Testing-the Woman's Bag

I have a new Eureka Women's Sleeping Bag to test this weekend.
My initial thoughts and report upon recieving it can be read on March 14th, at
This weekend I'm heading out on a river trail to test it.

Photo and specs can be read at:

Apparently the full moon will be closer to the earth than its been in 18 years. Some folks feel this portends disaster. I'm not that worried, whatever happens we'll deal.

Perhaps as American's we've become so complacent with past prosperity that anything new or threatening is cause for upset.
I finished reading an article in Money, August 2010, an interview with Bill Gross. He keeps mentioning the "new normal".

Will Rogers said "I'm not so much concerned about the return on my money as the return of my money".
Well spoken, and sad, because its become so normal for our investments to evaporate in the bubbles we've lived through, that just not loosing principle keeps us happy.

My strategy? Buy one quality item, learn how to fix anything that can go wrong with it (sewing, gluing, hammering, whatever) and wear it out.
Avoid any tendency to reward myself with material goods. Instead, reward myself with free time, adventure, and companionship.

Responsible consumership is the new normal.

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