Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eureka Casper Sleeping Bag Review

I love this sleeping bag. It is 100% synthetic, with extra fill for feet and chest area, a true woman's bag.
It is the first bag that's ever fit me just right. That means as soon as I get in it, the warmth is felt because I'm not heating up that extra foot at the bottom or that extra width at the shoulders.
My bag and the specs can be seen at :Women's Casper Sleeping Bag

I've modified a lot of other sleeping bags, and they've been good, but if you want one that fits from the start, check it out.

makes a lot of gear. I have a Spitfire I tent, and it is very well made too.

The three-quarters zipper is two way, with a substancial draft tube, triple stitched in a fabric which feels luxurious. I slept in shorts and sleeveless t-shirt, no socks needed.

The zipper can open all the way, without any stress on its componants because of the triangular web in place and seperation feature. This allows you to use it as a quilt on warm nights.

A specially designed hood gives comfort and warmth. This 15 degree bag weighs 2 pounds 15 ounces, and came in a serious compression sack. I'm using a silnylon stuff sack however, and keeping the compression sack for clothing.

I love the color, a deep gray, mint green top tone. The bottom has a circular footbed, which kept my feet toasty, yet not feeling claustrophobic. I appreciate that.

I keep it hung up using the two loops sewn into the bottom when not in use. Other features include an inside chest pocket for those nighttime things.
I found turning over was easy, not getting twisted up in a too large bag.

Of course, if you're a taller woman, they have those too, as well as men's bags.I'm so happy with this one it's the one I'll bring to the Grand Tetons this summer. I'll be able to test it in high elevations from May to October, the length of my seasonal job.


  1. Nice review! How tall are you? There's a good review on this bag for petite women at

    Take Care!

  2. I'm five two inches, 115 pounds. It makes a difference how round you are, too, cause some might find it too snug. I love it, keep it in my car always, especially in winter.

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