Thursday, March 17, 2011 A Great Resourse

I came across this link while searching for tips on dealing with nuclear disasters.

This is a huge issue right now, even enough for the President to do a complete review of our current emergency systems and who would do what.

The links page on this survival blog has many places to read about guns, gardening, trailer living, hand to hand fighting and self defense, food and water with calculators, trapping wild game, raising animals. Some links are for videos, some for books, some are websites.

I've become interested in skills which involve improvisation. Using only what is at hand, easily obtainable, or can be hand made are the true skills for coming disasters.

Admittedly, this type of thinking will not endure you to governments and authority figures. They want you to think things are under control, just get in the line for assistance.

Others know and have seen that only self reliant thinking will get you through when there is a true disaster. Food, water, shelter and self defense are critical elements in a catastrophe.

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