Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Will the Future Look Like?

I have been reading several survival web blogs and web sites lately.

We seem to have various views of what our future, as a world, a country, a communtiy, an indivigual may be.

The acronym : TEOTWAWKI is fun to pronounce. Try it Tee-oh-Twaw-Key. Thats how I'm saying it.
I found it at :

He's got some great links, too, and the Winterizing a Travel Trailer was a good read. This couple went up to Stevens County in Washington State, lived in a modified 18 foot travel trailer with temps getting down to minus 3. Thats serious stuff.

Anyways, in a discourse on future urban survival, the scenario mentions eating cats and dogs.
The End of The World As We Know It (Teotwawki) will bring out all our survival instincts, and its uncertain what humans will resort to.

In the book and movie by the same title, The Road, Cormac MaCarthy shows the cannibalism and farming of human which includes maintaining life while slowing harvesting food. Pretty gross, but profound thoughts here.

We all know about the Donner's Pass Party, and reduction to cannibalism. This is not unusual historically. And if we can eat humans, we can sure eat cats, dogs, rats, insects.
Its a disasociation, I believe, that evolution has allowed for us to move forward as a species.

If I am ever reduced to eating non typical food sources, the first step is bringing that item into a generic form: killing, skinning, and cutting into pieces of standard shapes. I don't want to spend any time looking at eyes and taste buds, at fingers or fur.
Thats just me, from a point of plenty, without necessity or hunger.

Watching the distruction in Japan, first massive earthquakes and after shocks, then devastating tsunami, and worst of all nuclear disaster with long term impact, we're prompted to ask ourselves questions on survival.
How secure is my water? How are my adapting skills being developed? How long will civility hold out while people are living in cramped conditions?

I noticed families building cardboard homes inside the building for mass housing. I loved it. They found ways to feel privacy, create polite boundaries, re establish family life.

What will our future look like? Will we be able to recognize ourselves?
Interestingly, on the survivalistblog website, the question is constantly posed: What did you do to prepare today?

Interesting food for thought.

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