Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Women Who Run with The Wolves In Cool Places

I'll be working and playing in the Grand Tetons this year.
I got an awesome job working at Jackson Lake Lodge, cooking, baking, and whatever else they need.
I found this gig at CoolWorks.com, met friends, and connected with a potential room mate.I look forward to whatever adventures come my way.

I wrote this blog post there:

Preparing for the season, we find ourselves packing up. Not stuff, I mean kindred spirits.

We know the sound of our pack when we hear it, listening for that certain sound, a recognizable wildness and independence.

I'd rather take some chances living on the edge, running wild in cool places than den up safely in a cage while my paws turn grey.

We've learned to watch for bait, usually there's a trap hidden under it.

Wolves may wander alone, but they have the most fun in their pack, accomplishing more, bringing down big game.
A word to the wise, if the howl doesn't sound right, give it a wide berth. The sun is shinning, the rain is refreshing, we den where we will.

Some call us wild. Others call us free.

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