Monday, February 14, 2011

Movie Reviews of the Apocalypse Genre

Maybe its just me. Seems like lately there's a lot of films coming out about the pending doom or aftermath of the world as we know it.

Or maybe, having seen The Road, I'm tuned into that sort of thing.

Read the review of that excellent movie on my December 2, 2010 blog.
Although some say it moves too slowly, it continues to have an impact on our lives. My partner has oiled and sighted in all his weapons. He has added slings and bought ammunition.

I have amped up my studies of survival skills, improvization, and learned how to shoot. We have extra supplies stashed around the house.

Watching The Book of Eli, I found it lacked the substance to instill fear in one's soul as we found in Cormac McCarthy's masterpiece.

Here we have a seriously muscled man, gifted in the ways of survival and cunning, carrying a pack heading to the coast. A town in the way contains a "mayor" of sorts who is looking for a book, one special book.

His thugs rape, pillage and otherwise come into possession of books, bringing to their master employer these offerings. Not the right one, stupid, keep looking.

At any rate, there's a young girl, a town of raggeds, and water is the commodity of value.

Things unfold, we see evidence of a prevailing fear: cannibalism. Does the man's hands shake? A telling sign.

Its worth watching, and there are lessons here. Women, stay off the road during daylight.

2012. Most of us have heard that number associated with catastrophy, a pending doom prophesied by the Mayans dating B.C. Although I take a limited view of that idea, the movie was worth watching.

Scientists find evidence of a catastrophic pending Sun Event. Governments are warned, theories

verified, and behind closed doors preparations made by those in power. As the movie unfolds, we realize the general population is not being informed. The most important people,

ie, heads of state, government (old gray headed men, and ovary challenged women) are to be evacuated into Arks of safety which are built by the Chinese

We see things come to a head when the populous finds out, and demands to be boarded also.

Excellent special effects include whole streets folding, cracking, buckling and swallowing cities. Cars dropping off bridges, explosions and volcanoes erupting.

All the scientific basis of these interactions are explained to make it believable. The unbelievable is that all the general population love each other and work together when their own survival is at risk.

Another film, The Final Storm opens with horrific weather happening across the globe. We feel a sense of, hey,
that's on the news, for real. This makes the pending doom feel eminent, and we check the cabinets to be sure there's enough food stashed. A family of three, on the farm, doesn't realize whats happening until a man falls into their door, disoriented. When they head to town, its deserted and trashed. A few thugs beat on them, they escape, the neighbor is missing.

Its a good knock down drag out, and ends with some attempted lynchings, murder, mayhem. The lesson, keep your doors locked, and some choice weapons at the ready.

Of course, Zombie Land is a parody and comedy at its best. We love the actors, the action, the girls who trip up the heros.

A virus takes over humans turning them into mad cannibals which come at you if there is any noise or blood. Woody Harrleson is absolutley adorable in his quest for twinkies. Jesse Eisenberg has a intellectual innocence in his youthful attempts to cope with this new reality.

The young women are capable, manipulative, and worthy of persuit.

I recommend this movie; the bloody graphics are so over the top its hilarious.

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