Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Law Abiding Citizen-Movie Review

We nearly turned this movie off as the hero began dismembering the murderer of his family with a chain saw.

Still, only half an hour into the film, with Jamie Fox yet to make serious contribution, we knew it had to be worth it.

So true.
Gerard Butler couldn't have been more convincing. The victim of a terrible home invasion, wounded, gagged and watching his family assalted and murdered, he takes vengence when the justice system plea bargains and declares,"Its not what's true. Its what you can prove."

Jamie Fox does an excellent job, proffessional, mentoring his assistant in the pursuit of legal wins.
She wonders aloud if at 35, perhaps she hasn't chosen the wrong path.

Our hero is much more than meets the eye and gives the entire city a run for its money, shutting down the whole place even though he's in solitary confinement.
Thankfully, the producers do allow us into the secret method he's killing all these people, even though incarcerated.

Excellent, thought provoking movie. Very worth the time to find it and watch.

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