Friday, February 18, 2011

Gold Mining with A Sluice Box

After watching some you tube videos on the subject, I created my own sluice box, took it down to my creek and tested it. The area is just below an abandoned gem mine in North East Georgia. The water was cold, so I built a fire on the sandbar. Having the alternative fuel stick as a starter really helped. First I lay down the wet rocks, piled dry branches on top of it, then small try twigs. Setting the fire starter on top of that, and adding a few more dry twigs, I soon had my fire. Using my can, I heated water in the fire to boiling. I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee in the plastic mug I brought along. The sluice box was created using a plastic drain pipe which has the built in riffles. It really did collect the black sand. No gold so far, but a successful testing of this home made equipment. The whole thing is anchored to a long water sodden log to keep it from sliding off the falls. My labor is really decreased when washing the material due to the action of the falls.

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