Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Canyon, A Movie Review

This 2009 movie runs 1 hour 41 minutes. The scenery is breathtaking footage of the Grand Canyon. Very realistic portrayal of a young couple on their honey moon who wish to take a mule trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

As the drama unfolds, we see the common mistakes of young adventurers. Failure to research this journey results in no availability in main stream mule trips, leading to the hiring of an eccentric guide at a local bar. The new bride is gorgeous and goes along with her handsome husband's desire to fulfill this dream. Four mules and a day later, they fall into perilous circumstances.

All of the story is believable. Over estimating abilities while underestimating nature leads to poor decisions, injury and death. A cell phone, impromptu surgery, fighting wolves and eventual rescue lead the viewer to contemplation of the will to live and the measures we are forced to take.

I recommend this movie, both for the incredible scenery, the excellent acting, and the learning possibilities.
Pay attention to the details as desperation sets in. Building a rock duct to facilitate navigation is just one of many.

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