Friday, October 22, 2010

Where the Wind Blows Bittersweet-Book Review

Published in 1975 , Jim Klobuchar still rings true with the winter adventurer. The glossy photo pages are a delight even if you can feel the winter chill deep in your bones.

Jim introduces us to the experienced mountaineers who we later will find spending the night up in the Beartooth Mountains when their snowmobile party becomes hopelessly stranded in a blizzard. The party of 16 breaks into 4 groups, and although one dies, the rest survive the chilling cold using different methods. One can learn much reading about each method, and the people who suffered through them. Bottom line: a little bit of the right gear and snacks can make a huge difference.

This harrowing experience does not prevent future explorations. Three go on to Oregon to hunt for signs of the elusive Bigfoot of the Siskiyous, up near Lonesome Ridge.

Thankfully, the book was written by a man who knows and enjoys his topic, reflecting a love for foot and ski travel as well as machine.

Only 128 pages, this book is a good read and sobering look at a winter world both amazing and terrifying. I turned the last page with a greater appreciation for preparation and the elements.
It is good to boldly go, but better to return.

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