Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brooks-Range Backcountry Map Toolkit- Gear Review sent me a back country map toolkit for a gear review. I was surprised when it arrived at the contents of this kit. It weighs 4.5 ounces and has this nice bright fabric wallet to carry everything in. A person still needs a magnetic compass, regardless of their skills, which is not included.

I read the instruction pamphlet, learning about how they calculate inclines and slopes using the plastic card tool and a string.

If a person had co ordinates from an online source, or say, GPS co ordinates from an article in Backpacker magazine this back country tool kit would help in locating it on the correct map.

This tool kit is not for novices or regular trail hiking. If you got lost, it could help in reorienting, but a compass and map is still needed. A person needs to take time with the instructions and not be mathmatically phobic.

I liked the wallet and waterproof paper. The book was generous in size and pages. The fabric was bright, well made, with plenty of side opening pockets. A nice place for three pens on the outside, with a secure closure.

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