Sunday, October 24, 2010

Waterproof Paper Website

If you're looking for water proof paper, check out this company: . I started researching this product and found a link to Rite In The Rain-Cool Stories which is also at their website.

A cool product for a trail club or scouts, you can order these books by the dozen and feel confident they'll hold up. Just reading the stories from around the world by firefighters and adventurers give you an idea of what types of projects you could embark on.

There's tablets, notebooks, printable paper, too. Imaginations run wild with this sort of thing. We tend to avoid bad weather, but a purposeful expedition in bad weather teaches much.
Packing up in the rain, leaving shelter, hiking all day to set up in a deluge, sleeping on two inches of hail are all experiences I treasure.
These experiences teach methods that come in handy: organization, prioritization, clear thinking, delayed gratification.

Give everyone a tablet of waterproof paper, have them record their thoughts and experiences and you'll have a learning experience worthy of the best schools.

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