Monday, August 23, 2010

Baking With the Soda Can Stove

In my quest for the perfect slow burning stove methods, I revisited the page Rainmaker and I wrote several years ago and posted on our website Back then we used a set of muffin tins that we cut in a specific way to achieve an adjustable "simmer attachment".

It really worked. We came up with an assortment of good recipes which are online for you to see and use. Rainmaker took the photos. Its still one of the most popular pages at Trailquest.

Now that I've reread it, I see when baking one should really put oil in the pot, spoon in the cake batter, then put on the flame.
With dumplings or a top crust, heat up the liquid to boiling; with pancakes, heat the oil and pan first.

Its a process, and well worth the learning.

Powdered foods are lightweight and versatile. Having a stove instead of the muffin tin "attachment" will be an improvement because the stove will be sturdier, and give a person two cooking stoves for a two course dinner.

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