Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brooks-Range Ultralight Tarp-First Impressions

I received this ultralight tarp yesterday and have looked it over. My first impressions are good. I see many possibilities for the multi-functional features sewn into the 20/20 denier "Intrepid "ripstop. The above photo shows the tarp in the 5.5 x 7.5 pouch it came in with a Velcro top closure. I admit, I switched it to a 5 x 9 ultralight silnylon ditty bag for easier stuffing.

The fabric itself feels very silky. For this reason, and the fact there is hook and loop (Velcro) sewn into the entire perimeter of the tarp, I can see it as a vapor barrier or bivy sack.

There are many warnings that come printed on sewn in labels. This is stuff an ultra lighter knows. Stuff about flammability, possibility of asphyxiation, and that bottom line it is ultralight and the product has limited life expectancy. This is very good information, and very important for anyone getting into ultralight backpacking. I applaud Brooks-Range for going the extra mile.

In this photo I tried to show the difference in fabric coating. One side is very shiny and the other side matte. I imagine the slicker side is more weather resistant. The matte side would feel better against the skin, if that application were used.

This last photo shows the centrally placed reinforced through-hole which allows one to set up with a hiking pole in the middle. I also see a way to suspend this tarp from a branch using this through-hole and "washer" from the underside. This would make the tarp even more spacious without need for a center pole. A person could also install a hanging loop. The through-hole is well protected so I don't anticipate any rain leakage here.

I look forward to field testing this tarp. Red is useful in hunting season, or emergency applications.

Check out for this product, and many other mountaineering and backpacking products. There are sleds, sled-packages, and larger tarps.

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