Friday, July 9, 2010

Vasque Trail Runners, A Review

Last summer in Yellowstone I was bound and determined to find the ultimate trail shoe. I didn't care what it cost.

Finally, I found these Vasque. Not a high top, yet not a low either, it offers support and good tread with just the right amount of flex.

Personally, I also favor a dark colored shoe. The white, or heaven forbid baby blue or pink, trail shoe is not my style.
There's just too much tramping through mud, water and brush for anything else.

I did put an extra shoe insert in these due to the trauma my feet have been through in past years. For this reason, I always wear a thick sock when shoe shopping so that there is room for extra cushioning.
Also, I shop in the evening when my feet tend to be more swollen. This insures I don't end up with a too tight fit.

These Vasque are a lace up shoe, genuine leather upper. A year after purchase, they still have good tread, lining is still intact, and I anticipate much more use out of them.

My feet love these shoes. They are lightweight, yet sturdy.
Keep the feet happy and you can go places.

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