Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Bee is a Good Sign

Rainmaker sent me this photo of our garden. Previous to coming out to Zion to work for the summer, I planted a small garden.
A mountain garden, the first in this location, I really didn't expect much. The soil must be prepared and built up. Plants must be allowed to flourish, even weeds if necessary, to build a "green manure". I wanted a natural, organic garden. Looks like I will have a lot to work with when I get back home.

This sunflower is doing pretty good. If it reaches maturity, edible seeds will result. I'm pretty happy just to see the bee there.
That means there will be pollination and the air is clean. I've read where bees are disappearing. Some growers have had to import bees to pollinate their crops.
I know hornets are not disappearing. Rainmaker also told me of a huge nest under the eve that needed removing.

Survival of the fittest is an ongoing thing in North East Georgia.

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