Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Quest for Power Continues

First, a swift over view of the current situation.

I've never run out of power, but hoard it like a penny pinching miser. My lights are LED bulbs, I power up the laptop when I'm focused on writing, and recharge the phone while scouting Quartzsite, when ever possible.
I use my water pump to access the 60 gallons in my holding tanks when ever necessary, but usually keep it off. The propane frig uses a trickle. So really, I'm good with one 100 watt solar panel.
But what about box fans? The over head fans and stove top fan work great, but I seldom use them.

Two days ago, I called a highly recommended electrician. He came by my rig to figure out why my 7,000 watt generator would not provide any power to the outlets. He and his buddy both figured it would be a simple matter of hunting down some flipped switch, some malfunctioning breaker box.
After turning the entire camper in side out, we found there indeed was no transfer switch, no wiring at all, no junction box, to direct current from this high powered machine into the right places. Sure, it could run the air conditioners. But, while testing, as happened before, the beast coughed to a halt after running ten minutes.

So. Wow. Embarrassed, I said, the thing used to run. He checked the fuel pump and said, once I got that fixed, he'd return to install the proper access junction box. A very outstanding man, he charged me nothing for all this troubleshooting. He left and I restored my rig to order.

I called the recommended generator guy. So far no response. I shopped for additional solar panels. The quote was the price of an expensive Honda Generator, 2100 watts, and get this. Only included on solar panel-160 watts-mounted on the roof and wired into my existing house batteries. A regulator completed the package. I would keep my current pure sign inverter.
I told the solar guy no and left.

Here in Quartzsite you have a cash and carry economy. Bring cash, or plan on using a debit card at the bank or ATM machine.
I debate my options while I look forward to my new summer job in Idaho. Apparently its so early in the season, events are just cancelled willy-nilly.
You go with the flow, or go not at all.

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