Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Solar Panels Deployed

I unplugged from the grid today to test out my boondocking systems. With the frig, stove and furnace running on propane, my main electrical needs are laptop, phone, water pump, fans, t-v and sewing machine.

I'll stay unplugged until morning, and see what the house batteries reveal. Will 100 watt panels with full sunlight be able to manage my limited requirements? I'm hopeful.

I am at an advantage. I just finished my second thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. Two years ago, I was a paid Ridgerunner in Maine. Living off grid for months at a time made me appreciate electricity.
My goal is affordable sustainability.
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  1. You want to save your pennies and shoot for two 250 watt panels, A 1000 watt inverter and 4 12v house batteries. That TV will kill the batteries you have in no time and the 100 watts worth of panels will take too long to recharge them.