Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lovin' The Panels

After bringing my house batteries down to "fair" according to the display panel above the stove, the solar panels have already restored them to "good." Now, I don't have a meter to tell me exactly what those words mean in terms of amps or watts, but I can see all systems are go.

I used two fans for an hour (one exhaust and one a circulating box style) recharged my laptop twice and kept my smart phone at full battery. I also used the water pump and electric steps frequently.
Having researched my flat screen T-V's power requirements, I believe I'll fire up a movie. The dvd player connected to it requires 7 watts, while the TV requires 60. I think I'll be fine.

One thing I've realized is that now, before the sun goes down, is the time to use power. The charge controller on the solar panels prevents the batteries from overcharging. Once they are fully charged, it holds them back. So, by using power now, I keep the panels producing.
Maybe that explanation isn't scientific enough, but it works for me.

Several women have expressed great interest in my desire to get off the grid. When they hear I am chucking my generator as well, they grin, both amazed and thrilled. No doubt they've seen electric bills skyrocket.
Then I tell them I'm reassessing my needs and simplifying my life style. If a place is so hot I need constant air-conditioning, well then its time to move.

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  1. I think you'll be fine for now. Just remember for later upgrades, too much is better than not enough... :)