Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Surviving the Seasonal Job

 Waterfalls and rock scrambles make living on the mountain worth it. The job is challenging because of staffing issues. Namely, unskilled, non English speaking workers who aren't motivated. They've got a couple weeks until they return to their country. I don't blame them Viva America.

Oh well. Wild blueberries are in season, so I'm eating them, and other wild plants, as I enjoy the great views. There are a lot of people on the trails, in spite of the road construction making driving through the park tedious. I laughed yesterday when an older guy asked if Snow Lake was just half a mile further. I said yes. His wife then asked, Uphill? I replied, everything in this park is uphill.

This view is from the top of Pinnacle Peak. Fantastic. Its a 1.3 mile hike to the saddle. The last tenth is a  rock scramble, not unlike Chairback Mountain in the Hundred Mile Wilderness. Doable, but take your time. I found descending to be more treacherous. I hike alone, and if I fall, it might be awhile before I can crawl out.

With eleven weeks to go until the end of season, I'm still hoping on doing the Wonderland Trail, a 93 jaunt that circumvents the mountain whose profile resembles tines on a fork. Permits required. 

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