Tuesday, July 14, 2015

News From the Mountain

A few gear reviews are in order. I bought this electric heater one month ago and absolutely love it. It was on sale for $11 bucks at Walmart. At first, I hesitated. The original price was $38.99, so how could I go wrong?

It seemed like it would take up a lot of space and the description on the box said it took a while to warm up. Based on circulating hot oil through the coils, it looked sketchy. With 34 x 8 feet of living space, I consider each item carefully before I add it to my collection.
This piece, however is a total winner.

Within ten minutes, you can feel the heat building. There's no open flame or noise. Imagine that. Silence! Its heaven.
There are three settings on the main knob, plus a range of heat options on a second knob. The brand name is Pelonis. Not sure if other brands would be as lovely. I use it quite often here at Mount Rainier because the evening cool off wonderfully. This item is a definite keeper and belongs on an R-Ver's wish list.

Next, for only $12, also at Walmart, I bought this "electric" kettle that heats 1.7 liters of water within minutes to boiling. Now, you might ask yourself why you'd want that. Well, if your water heater runs only on propane, but you are hooked to shore power, you can heat enough water to wash dishes, take a sponge bath or make oatmeal and coffee. If you do tea and instant coffee, you use this instead of a coffee pot. It has an on/off switch and coils inside the pot. Two selling points.  
I use it daily.

Next on the wish list: a car dolly. In three months, I'll be pulling away from here, towing new car. Any recommendations? I will be choosing between a trailer and dolly.

This little wooden set is part of my interior decorations. They make me smile.

Good news. All my leaks have been adequately sealed by yours truly.
The learning curve is flattening. I'm getting the hang of this and love it. Buying this motor home has proven to be a great decision.

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  1. Craigslist is your friend. Get a two axle 16' flatbed car hauler. Pulls easier, easier to back up, and it gets your vehicle high off the road and road debris. A dolly does one thing. A trailer has many uses. Cost is about the same.