Sunday, November 16, 2014

Motor Home and I Survive

Photos to come, but just to touch base, I have survived two nights in my new motor home, in spite of Idaho's record cold. Two below this morning!

The propane tank is full, as is the gas tank (who knew that gas went in the hole behind the license plates!) An emergency run into a local dealership, over ice, in the wind was needed so my LP leak detector could be fixed. Turned out to be a wire not properly grounded. Two nights ago, after just getting it home, the solenoid had burnt out after being previously hard wired. Yikes. Does it end?
Please say yes.
Starting to have second thoughts on expenditures, minimalist that I am, I muttered to the salesman, "Its like a black hole for time and money."
The Salesman replied cheerily, "Like owning a puppy."
"Might give it up for adoption," I laughed.

But, the bed is ultra comfortable with matching purple comforter and signature sheets. Ok, I could   get used to this.

Its winterized, though. My water comes from a jug instead of  a hose. Can't get crazy here. Just one step at a time. From tent to trailer is a sweet upward move.

Electric and WiFi enabled, things are looking up. A shopping trip and hundred bucks later, there's groceries, cookie sheets, scads of coat hangers, paper plates, cups and towels, fluffy pillows and coffee. Never never forget the coffee.

The process continues.

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