Monday, November 17, 2014

Home on Wheels

Newly purchased bedding in deep rich purple help bring the decor together, pulling off the hint of the same shade up front. The shades are drawn in cold weather. Raised to let sun heat the interior. This 34 foot Fleetwood had no slides, but simplicity is my motto.

Kids have a way of putting you in perspective. Thankfully, these blunt talkers like having time to practice decorating graham crackers with white frosting and trail mix in anticipation of the holiday season.

I was astounded to find the only door was on the side. There are no doors for the driver or front passenger. However, there is an emergency exit out the back bedroom window. After checking out various other Class As, I saw this was not uncommon. Bottom line? You can't accidentally fall out!
 The back up camera is a must. Take it slow, where ever you go.
Oh, and the gas tank is accessed behind the licence plate. Who knew?

Looking towards the back bedroom, you can see there is plenty of seating. Both chairs and couch have seat belts. The microwave, sink and oven are across from the table.
I love all the storage and haven't even begun to fill half of it, though all my stuff is now inside (barring the Search and Rescue equipment I keep in the Geo in case of call out.)

I'm excited to say the rig is completely paid for and fully insured.
Have Motor Home, will travel. 

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