Friday, June 20, 2014

Rise With the Sun

This morning I head back to work, but before I do, I rose with the light to take some sunrise photos of Acadia. As a minimalist, I tend to sleep when its dark and wake when its light. This way I don't mind being off the grid so much.

Acadia National Park is just 48 miles from Bangor. Its getting pretty busy now, so I'll probably not get back there until this fall. I did buy a year pass for $40. That way I can support my National Park of choice, plus drive the loop road for free. Its about 90 miles from my current work location, ridge-running on the Appalachian Trail.

One nice thing about Acadia, they seem to encourage tent camping versus RVs. Its getting where you seldom see families using tents. Its a lost art to pitch one of these structures. I hope the trend changes. Nothing like crawling in a tent, sleeping on a thin cushion, waking with the dawn.

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