Monday, June 30, 2014

Query for Alternate Lifestyle...Anyone?

I recently received this email and told Lanette I would post her query here. If you know of any groups, or have any ideas, please comment. To avoid stalkers, I have omitted the email and phone number. I presume Lanette is a woman, however, stranger things have happened.

Are you aware of any lesbian preppers or groups around Northern SC or Western NC and if not what is closest. I am feeling really isolated and looking for property to live off grid but having no luck. It doesn't even have to be a lesbian or a gay man because as you mentioned in one of your posts that lesbians in general are not man haters. 

Hi Lanette,

I am not aware of any such groups at this time, however I will  post your question to my blog and see if we can generate any replies.

Good luck in your searches. It is sometimes difficult to find people of like persuasion who also possess tolerable temperaments.

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