Thursday, January 30, 2014


Last night I watched back to back episodes of Survivorman, Les Stroud, and The Art of Dual Survival with Cody and Joe.

I enjoyed both. They're real, hard core and cautious. Real survivalists have to be cautious. No one is out there to bail them after a bad decision.

Les made an interesting point. He said most folks get lost within a mile of their cabins. I guess that compliments the fact most car wrecks happen within a mile of home. The odds would agree with that because that's where you feel comfortable enough to let down your guard, get careless, start thinking about other things.
His cabin just happened to be up near Ontario, tons of mosquitoes and water. During the episode he ate what he thought was a young wild cucumber, then regretted it because it was not a correct observation.

He uses a huge rock as part of his shelter and explains the beauty of natural habitat to make the process easier.
I thought Les was a lot more mature, seasoned and informational in this new episode and plan to watch show he does.

With Cody and Joe, stranded on a small island in the Fuji chain, we see a great compliment of skills. I enjoyed watching make fire with bow and drill. It was real, nothing leapt into flames with the mere suggestion of effort.
It was weird they found a complete scuba diving outfit near shore. I would have wondered where the owner of such was, maybe dead?
Cody used the tank and hoses to successfully desalinate the ocean water, they moved their fire when the tide came in, and Joe built a series of thick vines as a SOS signal.

All told, both are great shows for the survivalist. Way better than the other things being broadcast lately. 


  1. Nice - I went over to Netflix and loaded them up. Might as well watch something more informative than "Dexter". I'm generally cautious of such shows because I don't trust them. I'll take your review to mean they are reliable.

    1. Well, Proudhillybilly, after you watch them, tell me what you think. I know Cody and Joe have a camera crew, but seems like they accomplished some real things, unlike some survival stuff out there now.

    2. Haven't watched them all. They involve a lot of being hungry and cold. I've decided to never be in a survivalist situation because I don't like being hungry and cold. :-)

      Actually, there's various little tips and tricks I'm seeing that I never thought of but would be handy to know.

    3. me too, Proudhillbilly, as much as I can avoid those situations, I do.

      but ya never know, there are worse hobbies than practicing survival techniques, I guess