Thursday, November 21, 2013

How To Ship a Car Home from Alaska

I drove my car through Canada, along the Alcan route mid September.
It was the best road trip I've ever taken. Fall colors, moderate temperatures, nearly rain free.
I recently received an awesome Job Offer from a private ranch in Montana. I couldn't pass
up the opportunity. Everything about it sounds wonderful. Plus I'll be a short day's drive from my family.
The road conditions have deteriorated. Snow packed, fewer gas stations open and fewer people on the road should a person need help.
after research and lots of misinformation, I finally learned how to do it.
The Geo is a light car. Not sure what other cars or trucks might cost. Mine would be around $1,000
if you go straight to the port on Whitney St.
The company specializes in auto transport via barge. It takes 10 days. If my car is on the boat Friday, I couldn't pick it up til December 2 in Tacoma Washington.
So, take your car and whatever you want shipped inside the car to 101 W. Whitney Rd.
Wrightway Auto Carriers is the company. 907-277-4549 is their number.
Schedule an appointment for an inspection before arriving. They'll charge you 65 bucks for every 100 pounds of gear you have in the car. The woman there was very professional in answering my questions. Over and over she told me December 2, between noon to 4, was the earliest
I could get my car.
I asked, how do you get from the Seattle Airport to Tacoma Port.
She smiled, handed me a sheet of paper with all the correct phone numbers for a shuttle -$25 bucks
or a cab around $60.
Shuttle Express 800-487-7433
Capital Aeroporter 800-962-3529
Bottom line I learned, this car will arrive safely for what it would cost me to drive it. I would have to buy chains, and extra gas can and hope for good weather. Death by freezing would be a real possibility.
Your car can only have a 1/4 tank of gas, no more. You must show registration or insurance card is as good. They do need cash or certified funds.
Do NOT use a broker or middle man to arrange your shipment. They tell you what you want to hear and don't do any work for you. Just go direct. o, they will inundate you with phone calls, charge about 200 bucks just for talking on the phone.

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  1. Glad to hear about the new job. Shipping a car sounds like quite the adventure. Have a safe journey to Montana. Looking forward to seeing pictures when you are settled.