Saturday, November 16, 2013

Housing Blues

It's reality check time once again. Here in Alaska the price of stuff goes up in the winter. Its ski season and housing comes at a premium. Even a one room with bath, heat and electric is $700 bucks. And furnished? Well, one ad posted here on the Girdwood Post Office Bulletin board said to get a bed off craigslist. That's a little risky I think. A friend told me he had to spend two days with a neighbor while his place was sprayed for bed bugs.
Both the post office and the Mercantile had bulletin boards where people try to sell gear, tires, look for their dogs, offer services and advise of town meetings.
If you want a job here, make sure you have a bed to sleep in. A new co worker admitted he was couch surfing cause he had no money and no housing.

This sunset photo was taken near town while crossing the bridge. It was nearly 4 p.m. Its cold and very beautiful.

Hours have been cut and we in company housing were notified of a 10% raise in rent.  These are important considerations when choosing a place to work. For me, right now, its all about the adventure. Tomorrow night is a full moon. Back Country Skiing will be awesome!

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