Monday, August 26, 2013

Random Thoughts and Alaskan Discoveries

Give yourself some time, my daughter said. She's brilliant, as always. I've been in Alaska now for 13 days and things are beginning to feel more comfortable. Its all about the adventure. No one said you had to do this forever. That is, unless you want to.
Well, you can't beat the beauty, the warmth of the people, or the nearly daily discoveries.

I took a free ride (show employee badge, get free ticket) up the tram to the Seven Glacier Restaurant. What a view! Immediately I made a mental list: hike up via North Face Trail, and hike to Turnagain Arm.
Sunday after work, I hiked the North Face, took photos and footage, and posted at Really, I was amazed at how many families were making that steep, sometimes muddy hike up the mountain. Riding back down is fun, too. Its pretty fast and the guys running the cars are very funny with their stories. You can even ask questions and get interesting answers. 

This roll of closed cell pads was found in a ditch alongside the Seward Highway. If its yours, please email me. I figured the trail gods followed me to Alaska. I also found a long black cinch strap, a nice hook and 28 cents. You know me, I honored the trail gods and brought these gifts back to my room.

Along the bike bath things are fairly damp and fertile. These gorgeous mushrooms sprang up overnight. I'm no expert on mushrooms, but I'm not going to taste them. Never saw anything looking like this in any kitchen I've cooked in. There's probably a reason why!

Check out for an interesting look at cabin building and remote living north of Wasilla. I met John online and we've had a few chats. Its good to meet and talk to people who have spent their whole lives doing what others can only imagine.

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