Monday, August 19, 2013

First Alaska Experiences

I arrived last Tuesday night in Alaska. It was almost surreal, like I couldn't quite believe I was really on the Last Frontier. Anchorage seemed like it could be in the lower 48.

Jason International Hostel had some interesting characters. I think some of the people actually were residents. Many heavy accents, too, from around the world: China, Israel, India, New York.

After working a few days, I spent my first day off hiking the Winner Creek Trail. It's been raining a lot, so it makes keeping the camera dry a little challenging.

I clip my bear spray on my belt loop, just in case I meet trouble. So far, nothing dangerous has happened. When I got to the hand tram, I thought maybe the basket was on the opposite side and all I had to do was pull on the rope until it came back to my side.

Not so. Another hiker arrived and gave me the scoop. He'd used the tram in 2009 and immediately saw the basket was gone and the equipment on lock down.

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