Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yes You Can!

Down in the town of Riverton, Wyoming I bought a mountain bike, used, for sixty bucks. It had a water bottle cage, good seat and 26 knobby tires. After test riding it, I told Shawn who was selling a multitude of refurbished bikes from his garage that I'd take it. Of course, I said, if you can keep it while I find a trunk rack for this little car.

He gave me some pointers and after checking the local outfitters and Ace Hardware, I headed to Walmart. They had one kind and the list on the back of the box was quite lengthy. $49.95 and tax and I was in business. I picked up some sticky backed red reflectors and a plastic sippy water bottle, and headed back to Shawn's to rig it up and haul it away.

It carries well after utilizing three bung cords to keep the wheel from bouncing and the petal from banging against the car. The third strap tightens the bike to the rack frame. All told, I can load and unload it myself.
Sometimes I forget the bike rack is on the trunk when I shut it. It sticks out a ways and can clobber you if you're too close.

I thought I'd have to get a pick up truck if I wanted to take a bike on the road trip. Not so. Thanks to Shawn from Riverton for telling me, Yes You Can!

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  1. Love it! You are in business. Cant wait to go riding and hiking.