Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Ideal Hat

I bought this fishing hat in West Yellowstone for $20. The feathers were added later, trail feathers found along the way. The chin cord has proven to be very useful. Several times while climbing in the Medicine Bow Mountains, the wind gusts nearly ripped it away.
I really enjoyed the ventilation design up in the Maroon Bells, hiking the Four Pass Loop with my friend Flo. The wide brim kept the sun off my face, yet it never got hot. Previously I shunned hats because they made my head hot. Now, that problem solved, I love them.
Thanks to our new friend from Minnesota who snapped this photo as we wound our way through massive fields of flowers.
I like wearing stealth colors. If necessary, I can fade back into the forest and sit motionless, unseen, while others hike past.
My external frame was custom fitted with an ultra light silnylon pack to accept a Garcia bear canister when hiking through griz country. I didn't need the canister this time, but the pack fits so well I opted to use it.

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