Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Two Free in July

This is the cover to Book Two of the River Survival Series, entitled  All Hell Won't Wait Fire plays an important part of this End of the World as We Know It fictional thriller series. Find out how raiding cannibals use this devastating diversion when they attack Rivertown.

If you've read the first book, An End of Days, please write a review at I hope you enjoyed Carla's adventures and felt the desperation as she evolved into a heartless killer.

Book Two takes us into a struggling town. We see how the surrounding farming community deals with trespassers and learn how a metropolis dissolved into just a handful of survivors. Be prepared for strange happenings. Reaching out for direction, the paranormal makes a few appearances, although the folks of Rivertown shrug it off to maintain a semblance of normalcy.

Why is Apache so removed from culture and what keeps him in Rivertown? We get a look into his past and find clues....but not to give too much away, I'll stop here and not spoil your discovery.

How does Sheriff Snyder deal with residents who cause trouble in his town? How about the policy on Squatters? Its heavy handed, but when O'Leary tells what happened at Tucker's Orchard, you'll probably cheer.

On July 10th through the 14th, you can get this book free as part of the promotion for the TEOTWAWKI , SHTF,  or apocalyptic post grid thriller series.

Read more about The River Survival Series- How and Why . If you haven't read the first book An End of Days before diving into All Hell Won't Wait, you may have many questions.

You can get it for $1.99 at if you missed the free promotion this month. All Hell Won't Wait will leave you with hope and determination to survive no matter what.

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