Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ultralight Silnylon Teepee for Summer Adventure

I made this tepee several years ago. Its been used in several base camps in Georgia and right outside Yellowstone National Park. Youtube had a problem with the background music and suggested I swap out for some of theirs. Well, it totally covered my voice and the information I was trying to get across. There are captions, though, so its not a total loss.

While this shelter does not have a floor, it keeps out bugs and mice because the no see um netting
is 15 inches long. I fold it to the inside and set random pieces of gear along the netting.
Some folks would think you'd fold it to the outside, but that wouldn't be nearly as effective.

I plan to use this tepee to base camp this summer.  With 100 square feet (area of a circle is radius squared times pi) There's lots of space for sleeping, out of rain writing, researching and fun. I have cooked and burned small candles inside this structure. The heat rises, eventually necessitating the door being kept open due to some smoke issues. Its really amazing at night, though, when a tiny tea candle is burning. Looks like a glowing cone.

The value of a no floor structure is that one can cook or leave muddy gear on the earth while stretching a tarp for the sleeping area. The structure is lighter and more versatile.  If you must suspend it from a branch that has a few rocks or roots underneath, no problem. Just stake the shelter and enjoy nature's furniture.


  1. Is there any way you can provide me with your material list and sewing directions? I am need of a nice shelter for a trip this fall. Any help is greatly appreciated.