Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sharing Our Best Cookbook Update

The cookbook I did a last fall is being updated with stories and recipes from the Man Camp Experience.
The cookbook will be listed on and Barnes and Nobel as the second edition with Bonus Material.
I'll tell you how we utilized the extra cooked oatmeal to make fabulous breads, including the one pictured below. The guys have fresh homemade bread nearly every supper. The only time they don't is when they are having burritos ---a Mexican supper extravaganza.
I'll share how we use the bread heels to make breading. We also make our own tortilla chips from corn tortillas. The leftover chips are combined with toasted bread to make the coating for our pork chops and Parmesan chicken.

After combining the materials, I use a can to crunch them fine. We don't have a food processor on site. I will tell you about some of my favorite tools here that we use to produce our own marinara sauces as well as 'house' dressings.
I've made a lot of the desserts from the Sharing Our Best Cookbook. However, I've quadrupled them, then doubled them again, for mass production. The guys get all homemade desserts too, for lunch and supper. We haven't bought any sweets other than ice cream.
I'll tell you how to make cookies into bar recipes.
If you're cooking and doing your own pots and pans, check out my Rice for 50 method.
We have to think big now that we're nearly done here. We'll get 10 surprise diners. Check out the Man Wraps and Man Stackers for ways to utilize those last half pounds of sliced meat.
This new, second version should be available the end of May. I'll post here.

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