Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Man Camp Lake Yellowstone Update

The end of Man Camp for the winter is right around the corner. The end loader above is clearing the scrap lumber and metal from the parking lot. With the roads now open, transporting the construction debris is so much easier. The guys are making alot of progress and this renovation is on schedule.

I've been writing about this experience all winter. In November, I actually was inspired to write a short novel about the resident poltergeist who I named John Deerfield. His antics and attempt to out the murderous Madison Shelby who cooked for the man camp can in be read on your computer or kindle and is available at  Primal Cut has a crazy twist at the end. Will there be a sequel. Who knows....I'd call it Fatal Loves! 

Footprints in the mud show the current status of Lake Yellowstone: lots of workers going back and forth from man camp to finish up details. Lots of painting going on. The floor guys did a gorgeous job in the Dining Room and Sun Room. The gift shop is in nearly done, the interior steps are next.

I've really had a marvelous time here at Man Camp. Who knows what next winter may bring?

See my other blog, for a summary of my skiing and other outdoor adventures while on Location.

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