Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Low Wifi Accessibility and Information Control

I'm visiting family now and its great to have unlimited Internet connectivity. Our lives are nearly dependent on having information access, whether it be by phone, Internet, newspapers or television. We pay bills, receive valuable information on health, family and financial issues. We stay in touch.

Up at Man Camp our living quarters had great Internet most of the winter. Twice it went down for extended periods. When I headed out to take three days off location, our dorm Internet was still down. The Main office had it, as did the caretakers house and the Lake Hotel Employee Dining Room. Apparently they have a separate land line than does the Living Quarters. Bummer.
So, we all have to make some noise....ask, ask, ask. I tell the guys to let them know we need it. They tell me all the stuff they are missing back home, the information, the photo opts.
The sweet Geo, in sunnier locations.
Some say, well, you're up at Lake, what do you expect? It would be one thing if we never had it, never were told we would have it, never built our lives around having it. Our entertainment comes through wifi. How do you think we watch NetFlix?
Its a case in study if the grid went down. People Need Wifi....well, maybe not NEED, but sure as hell want. People Change when they don't get what they think they need. They might get crabby and unmotivated. 
The River Survival Series was written with this concept in mind, that when people loose the ability to share information, using the Power Grid to supply daily comforts, they change and take extraordinary measures to cope.
Spring fever is here.
Yesterday I spent half an hour wandering around Walmart. I hadn't been in a walmart for 6 months.  I bought some socks, a movie, some diet Rootbeer. Guess I'm still a minimalist.


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    1. Hi Michael,

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  2. It is so strange to think about not being able to go into a Walmart every week. Yet I was over 20 before I ever walked into one. Now it is usually twice a week we go.