Saturday, January 5, 2013

Illegal and Fatal Behavior-Warning-This is a Rant!

This is the fox that was rescued from the spindle at Man Camp a couple weeks ago. I took the footage of the rescue and posted it to YouTube etc.

Check out the December 19th post on this blog, thefemalesurvivalist to watch that video.
Everyone was so glad the little guy was freed. In fact, some here were so glad, they named it. Someone started feeding it, in spite of all warnings. I find the feeding of wildlife disgusting. It's a human attempt to domesticate and subjugate wild creatures. The little dude should be terrified and run for the hills! Literally.

If a person wants to know more about wild creatures in Yellowstone,  follow the link I included in this rant. It also details a fox that was fed, relocated several times and eventurally destroyed by the park service out of necessity. People just can't seem to get it through their civilized heads that wild creatures should not be fed, should not be encouraged to hang around as mascots. Don't we have enough worthy causes? Isn't there some homeless dog or cat you can adopt and feed until it is fat and totally dependent on your good will?

Ok, I promised this was going to be a RANT so, hit the back button if you don't like it.
Some think they are immune to the law, that others will find their behavior cute and very GRIZ Adams. If you are one of those, go out and take some footage, go hiking, get off the main road and take some adventures. Get out of the National Park where it is totally illegal to feed a wild animal.

This guy at man camp actually took footage and posted it to facebook showing himself feeding the fox a big meatball. I find it revolting. The fox should be totally discouraged from setting foot on our portches and decks. Instead, a very few are finding it cute...not all the guys, and I won't name names.

I love animals, especially wild animals and I know, as wild creatures, they could bite, scratch, flee, become ghosts in a vast wilderness. That's very cool. Capturing one on film is a highlight of a long hike. Its not easy, ususally they run before I get them focused in the little square on my digital camera. I know, I need a Zoom!
Thats as it should be. We have homes and zoos for damaged animals, animals who need and want human interaction, domesticated animals and stock.

Dogs are fantastic companions. They've been trained to help humans in so many ways. A variety of breeds are raised just for the specific qualities each breed has. Very domesticated. They enjoy our company. My family has dogs. My friends have dogs.

But, the fox was a wild creature. He should retain that desirable quality. Those who saved the creature's life by freeing it didn't mean for it to become the town dog. They never intended the fox to be fed and adopted by well meaning tender hearted humans...I wrote something else, but civility intervened and I back spaced and deleted .... ignorant fools...... The fox knew what to do before we came here. Left alone, maybe it will revert to his own ways.

One can only hope.


  1. Wow. Also is hard for me to respond and be civil. Selfishness of personal satisfaction/attention in feeding wild animals in a National Park means death for these beautiful animals. How sad to know that the fox that had been saved by humans was also ruined by humans. And we're the ones with the most brains (supposedly)!

  2. Looks like the boss has taken measures and the fox has not been seen today. Hopefully everyone has gotten the message. I love seeing this red fox in the distance against the white snow. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Thanks for posting, JJ