Sunday, November 4, 2012

My New Love

Up here at Man Camp, Lake Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming, I'm testing all the stuff I bought to winter here. I'm not expecting to get out for about 6 months. Who knows, the guys think I'll want a change of pace at some point and promised to help me get the Geo up to West Yellowstone.
Hiking around Lake is peaceful, if not warm and sunny one minute, then freezing cold the next when the clouds roll in. The long scarf, nearly five feet total, is perfect for this changeable weather. I never owned a long scarf before. I bought it before heading here on a hunch. I love it. I've tried wrapping it around my neck, using it as a head scarf, or paired it with a ski band. Totally warm and versatile.

My bear spray is carried with a caribiner clip hooked to my camo pants. So far we've only seen prints of griz, no live bear. I've seen many wolf prints, bison coming down the hill tonight, and other small creatures.
With daylight savings now in effect, we are walking about two tenths from the dining area to the dorms. Could be a bear just around the corner, what an adventure!

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